March 22, 2023

How to fix macboook overheating problem

The case of MacBook getting hot is a problem you often encounter every time you use it for a little while and the temperature in the machine heats up. Although this is a durable, high-performance laptop of the Apple brand, this phenomenon always occurs in its product lines in particular and other branded laptop products in particular. So, what is the cause of the MacBook getting hot when in use? How to fix MacBook to reduce temperature?

Cause MacBook is hot

In fact, the high temperature of the MacBook often comes from many different causes. Therefore, your usage habits may have affected the MacBook’s temperature rise by the following familiar reasons :

  • Use the device continuously without stopping and continue this habit for a long time.
  • MacBook gets hot when placed in locations with high ambient temperature.
Place the device in a location that is not well ventilated and has high temperature
  • The computer runs in the background and has too many applications open, the CPU works and manages many tasks at the same time without need or purpose.
  • The internal cooling fan unit has not been cleaned, the components degrade over time, making the MacBook hot more easily.
  • MacBook may have been infected with viruses, malware, spying, causing the computer to quickly run out of battery and overheat.

Some other signs can cause the MacBook to be hot and noisy such as: easily slow performance, or lag, freeze, power off suddenly, etc. So, if you have these signs, it’s best for you need to find a way to make your device more stable before things get worse.

Software to check if MacBook is hot

Through the above reasons, the MacBook’s temperature increase will be a rather uncomfortable case, worried about how this problem may affect the machine. Therefore, you will need to check what temperature your device is at. Currently, you can easily check the computer’s temperature simply and quickly with support software.

Use support software to control computer temperature

The most suitable hot MacBook temperature testing software is Temperature Gauge and CleanMyMac. These are two software that help you check, manage and monitor the internal temperature of your MacBook with a friendly interface, extremely simple to use features, and accurate MacBook temperature results.

What’s a reasonable MacBook temperature?

To easily know what temperature the average MacBook is best, the temperature from 21 degrees Celsius to 65 degrees Celsius will help the machine work better and cooler. However, if the temperature rises from over 65 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius, it means you are making your MacBook hot when charging, running heavy software and using it for a long time continuously.

Therefore, you should also consider carefully when the machine is at 85 degrees Celsius, so use cleaning measures, cooling fans, turn off software to reduce the machine temperature.

Instructions to effectively fix the hot MacBook situation

Check if your MacBook has a virus or not

If you do not know how the security of macOS is, this is one of the platforms with high system protection, anti-virus can arise inside by integrating high security software to help you. avoid encountering unsafe browsers, containing many malware.

Use anti-virus software to handle the temperature situation

Although some of these software do not cause much damage, they can still affect the computer’s resources. From there, it leads to the MacBook getting hot, making the operating capacity higher and consuming more battery.

Replace Chrome browser with Safari

Chrome is a powerful browser that is very popular and convenient, but it is best recommended to use the Safari browser. Although there are some small bugs (maybe Apple has fixed them all), Safari is a browser that does not take up too much CPU memory as well as has a uniform security of Apple.

Safari has high security, easy to use and safe

From there, you can use Safari to check if the hot MacBook still keeps this condition or decreases again.

Place your MacBook properly

One habit that you don’t notice is to place the computer in locations that are not cool, narrow space, dusty and placed on soft surfaces (sofa, pillows, mattresses,…). This is also the main cause of the MacBook getting hot and making the fan noise.

Placing the machine in a soft location will make the temperature unable to escape, blocked and easily heat up the machine. So, change your habits to put your MacBook on your desk, an open position to help it work better.

Close unused browser tabs

Many browser tabs open also make the computer work slower than usual and take up resources. To avoid overheating your MacBook, turn off some unimportant tabs to reduce unnecessary energy load and increase system consumption.

Turn off unnecessary apps

Like the browser, opening too many applications also makes macOS take up too much CPU and operating system resources. So you can use the Activity Monitor feature, go into the “CPU” column and check which apps are taking up the most CPU that you’re not using much.

Activity Monitor – Check CPU apps taking up the most performance

It is best to turn off CPUs that operate above 70% to avoid overheating the MacBook when in use.

Do not use MacBook in the sun

In addition to placing the device in a cool place, without blocking the vent, you should not expose the device to direct sunlight or a high temperature environment.

Therefore, you can pull the curtain to prevent light from shining directly on the computer or move it to a different location so as not to make the MacBook hot.

Update OS to new version

Apple always releases new macOS update versions to fix additional, fix features and some other software that is still backlogged. This will help the MacBook operate smoothly, without additional errors and have a better experience. Therefore, the problem of MacBook overheating can be completely eliminated if you check the new version and update it.

Updating the operating system software will help you fix the overheating error

To update macOS to the new version, just go to the Apple logo icon => System Preferences => Select the Software Update section => Check for new versions of the operating system and let the machine update automatically or manually, then let the machine update fully to help fix the hot MacBook error without any further problems.

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Clean MacBook regularly

Cleaning your MacBook Pro / Air can help it work more efficiently, especially the cooling fan. Therefore, cleaning the fan blades as well as other important components will help reduce the MacBook’s overheating, achieve the best condition and reduce the heat effectively.

Cleaning the machine is the most effective way to prevent overheating

Remove Malware

While the MacBook has excellent anti-virus, malware, and security features, the way it works isn’t always perfect. Your MacBook is hot and buzzing because your computer is being attacked by viruses or spyware.

Therefore, you can use reputable, quality third-party antivirus software to support thorough removal.

Turn off sites with Flash ads

The most inexplicably hot MacBook without you even knowing is coming from ads from websites you frequently visit.

This feeling is very annoying when you need to visit those browser pages to do some important work, but the ads still appear, interrupting your work, draining the battery and making the MacBook. gets hot while charging.

Use utility software to block annoying ads

To fix this, you can use the Google Chrome extension via the Adblock Plus software. Using this software will block all types of unsafe ads or appear on popular browser pages such as Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Coc Coc, etc.

Use original charger

The error of MacBook getting hot when charging is a familiar case of any iFan user. A MacBook charger will usually have three main parts: the AC power connection cord, the MagSafe Power adapter and the MagSafe connector. It is best to use the original charging accessories attached when purchasing the device.

Applying genuine chargers will not increase the heat of MacBook

If the charger is damaged, does not charge to the battery, is not genuine, use the chargers of the correct brand, capacity, safe power source, do not increase the temperature so as not to overheat the MacBook.

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Reset SMC

If the above fixes cannot help the MacBook to reduce the temperature, you can reset the machine using the SMC (System Management Controller) system command. This is a very effective way to help you fix some hard-to-handle hardware and software reset errors:

  • First, plug in your computer to charge.
  • Shift + Control + Option + Power key combination, hold these buttons at the same time to help the machine switch to SMC mode.
  • Release at the same time, start the machine and check if the hot MacBook still occurs.

Using the heatsink

Another way for you to help reduce the temperature of your MacBook computer is to use a cooling fan base to use the machine for a long time. However, the cooling fan has a drawback that it makes a loud, annoying noise, does not help you focus on work, but is still the most convenient way to help not make the MacBook suddenly hot.

Use heat sink and cooling fan to maintain stable machine heat

Turn off fan control software

You would think that using fan management software will help your computer cool down faster. However, MacBooks getting hot when using fan management software is a bad idea because Apple already has a fan adjustment feature for fans, controlling fan speed according to the system.

Therefore, you can remove the fan adjustment software so that the system can properly handle the fan speed and reduce the temperature.


Thanks for reading WorldFamousWeb, The above are ways to help you fix the hot MacBook when using and charging the device. If you have other problems, write to us in the comments section below.

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